A Flower to Show that We Care

These are interesting times. A time of Lockdowns and Social Distancing. We work from home, self-isolate and keep our distance. But not everyone can do this. Our carers are busier than ever. Every day large groups of our fellow citizens risk their lives to keep all our critical and essential services up and running:

The staff in our hospitals, care homes, the police, fire brigades, public transport, cleaners, delivery services, and all the other people that carry the weight of our society in these times.

It’s especially for them that Flowers for Care was set up. To show all of these people that we support them. To show the how much we appreciate and admire their invaluable dedication to public service. To give them a sign that we, in turn, care about them. And to give them a small token of our appreciation: A small sterling silver pin in the shape of a flower.

Here is how it works: Via Flowers for Care you order a silver pin, shaped like a flower. You then have two options:

1. We send you the pin (or pins), so you can give these to the person (or people) that you wish to support, thank or just generally want to show appreciation for.


2. We send the jewelry directly to the deserving recipiënt. In this case we will add any custom text that you wish.You can add the custom text in the ‘comments’ section of the webshop.

The Flowers for Care badge is handmade in the Netherlands by Sterling Miranda. The badge is made from ethically sourced sterling silver.

The flower is priced at €3,50, including postage and shipping. Please note: you only pay for materials and other costs. Flowers for Care is a strictly non-profit initiative. If you click on the link above you will be redirected to a special secure order-page of our regular webshop at SterlingMiranda.com. The order page is currently only available in Dutch, but should be fairly self explanatory. please contact us if you have any trouble ordering.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@flowersforcare.com